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YOU have been losing your Freedom…until now

The American people are fed up with losing. They have been losing for many years now, and are ready for change. Not the change advertised by Obama, but a return to the principles of the Founding Fathers. Freedom to be politically incorrect, Freedom to own a firearm, Freedom to live without the Federal Government telling them what to do. In order to correct and check the wrongs perpetrated by the government, the American People must be vigilant. As Wendell Phillips said: “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.”

This then is the responsibility of the American People. When Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government had been decided upon by the Founding Fathers, he responded simply: “A Republic, if you can keep it.” America has been slipping towards tyranny on what seems to be a daily basis. However, that is nearing its end. The American People have been disturbed. The liberals have awoken the proverbial sleeping giant, and now they will have hell to pay for it. As the world slips towards darkness, America alone shines as a beacon of hope. The world looks to us for evidence that government by the people is possible. That man does not need a monarch to rule him. The world watches and waits to see if individual freedom can stand the test of time.

This is. Freedom’s Final Stand.




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