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WOW! Beauty Queen Suspended for Tweets Against ISLAM – Do YOU Support Her?

The Fascist State is well under way. The persecution of people for their beliefs is becoming far more prevalent in modern society and it is being led by  the “perpetually offended” and unfortunately backed up by a “Liberal” Justice system that seeks to demonize those who don’t follow the narrative.

The case of the Miss Puerto Rico winner, Destiny Velez,  who lost her title for expressing herself with regards to her feelings about Muslims and Islam is an older, but poignant example. She presented a view point that did not incite violence, did not call for illegal acts, and it was a viewpoint that is shared by millions all over the world. Yet it was not PC, so she had to go.

For now, the State merely polices our communications and speech; how long will it be until they police our thoughts? Will you have to defend everyday actions that someone has taken offense to, even if no offense was intended? This is in fact happening already.

The future looks very bleak in terms of freedoms, it is plain for most thinking people to see, yet still the agenda is pushed, and those who disagree are punished. Weep for the future.

She took a run at a sacred cow. So the PC Police slapped her down.

Was this ‘protecting their brand’ or was this unfair censorship?

Miss Puerto Rico — Destiny Velez — got in a Twitter war with Michael Moore. And it cost her her title.

Was that fair? Or too much?

Michael Moore, you may remember, shambled his fat ass over to Trump Tower to hold up a ridiculous sign as a publicity stunt.

Political stunt that it was, it earned him some political blowback. Photoshop was used — liberally — to make a counter-argument.

Just a few examples:

A clever one that put him in a march:

Others went to darker places. This is one of the more G-rated ones, although its implications are pretty clear:

This one turned the idea on its head:

Point made.

Miss Puerto Rico took a different approach.

She answered his tweet. With actual words.

Here’s what she said:

“There’s NO comparison between Jews, Christians and Muslims. Jews nor Christians have terrorizing agendas in their sacred books.”

“All what Muslims have done is provided oil and terrorize this country & many others! All they do is build their mosques, feel offended by American values and terrorize innocent Americans and plant gas stations.”

“Most terrorist attacks have had a religion & a name associated with them & they have been from Islam religion.”

“Many pull out the card of Muslims serving in our military. Are they in the military cuz [because] they love our nation or to acquire benefits.”

“Why do ppl [people] want to separate Muslims from Isis when ISIS is a group of Muslim fanatics.”

“All they do is build their mosques, feel offended by American values and terrorize innocent Americans and plant gas stations and get guns and kills innocent ppl [people] and destroy precious artifacts.”

“Muslims use our constitution to terrorize USA & plant gas stations.”

“Islamic god is NOT the same God as Christians & Jews”

Could it be argued she overstated her case by overly generalizing? Possibly.

What was the reaction to this series of tweets?

(As though you haven’t already guessed by now.)

Miss Velez’s actions were in contradiction to the organization, and therefore as a consequence of her actions, she has been suspended indefinitely. The Miss Puerto Rico Organization will not tolerate any actions or behavior contrary to the Miss Puerto Rico Organization.”

Sure the event itself happened a while ago, but seeing how everyone on the Left is lining up against Free Speech, it’s good to remember JUST how far they’re willing to take it.

This time it was HER title and job on the line. Whose job will it be next time?

We just watched someone get arrested in his home at 4 am for even REPORTING on a rape trial that ran afoul of the PC police.

Do you really think the Left will stop there?

H/T: Clash Daily



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