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Watch: Joy Behar Compares Christians to the Taliban

The View host, Joy Behar has just compared people who oppose the mandatory purchasing of birth control (if it is on religious grounds) with the Taliban. If we recall that the Taliban have claimed over a hundred thousand lives, engaged in rape, torture, murder and slavery, then she is clearly going way too far.

But her statements, idiotic though they are, represent a far larger problem. Many on the Left and in the MSM are claiming that there is a comparison between people who follow the Christian faith and ISIS! This is insanity and it purposely hides the reality of te situation.

If we wanted to make a realistic comparison of ISIS with another group, why not the Nazis? They were a group who hated another religious group, wanted them dead and eradicated, and acted upon their urges. I’d say that’s pretty similar. So why is nobody else saying it? The similarities are very, very clear.

This question needs to be asked: Do you equate theNazis to ISIS? If not, why not?

There is a collision happening between Globalist groups and those sympathetic to the ISIS cause. This is why no REAL action is being taken, this is why the Left make excuses and blame “foreign policy” and American intervention for the rise and the actions of ISIS. But if this were true, why are ISIS attacking towns in the Philippines and other countries who have never sent a single soldier to the Middle East? We are being lied to.

The Taliban is a terrorist group responsible for the Afghan civil war, which has claimed over 104,000 lives just since 2001. They’re responsible for sex trafficking, oppression of women, numerous massacres, political and religious oppression, suicide bombings, acid attacks, torture, and sundry other forms of inhuman debasement and cruelty.

Now, here’s a question: Are you a Christian religious organization that opposes being forced to provide mandatory birth control under employee health care coverage, as mandated by Obamacare? Joy Behar of “The View” wants you to know that you’re every bit as bad as the aforementioned terrorist group. Seriously.

In a jaw-droppingly bigoted statement delivered on Thursday’s edition of the show, Behar wondered aloud how opposition to mandatory birth control coverage for religious organizations “different from the Taliban.”

The segment began with host Whoopi Goldberg noting that “(i)n a move that could impact as many as 55 million women in America, the current administration is moving to reverse the Obamacare requirement that employers provide free birth control to employees.”

“Conservatives claim it protects religious non-profit groups from violating their faith,” Goldberg said. “But isn’t that kind of imposing your beliefs on your workers?”

Goldberg is apparently unacquainted with the First Amendment or the court case Little Sisters of the Poor v. Price (and the subsequent liberal attempts to end-run around it). Apparently, she’s also unacquainted with the particulars of the plan, which The Hill points out only lets employers deny the coverage based on “religious or moral grounds.” It’s profoundly unlikely that 55 million women would be affected.

That’s OK, though — the rest of “The View“‘s panel was unacquainted with those things, as well. Needless to say, hilarity ensued. And by hilarity, I mean bigotry.

“They don’t mind their business,” Behar said. “It’s religion … How is it different from the Taliban? I’d like to know.”

Check it out here. Behar’s input starts comes about the 3:25 mark, but the whole conversation is just is jaw-dropping.



I’d refer Behar to any number of differences I mentioned in the first paragraph. Troublingly, none of her co-panelists did.

In fact, they even let her ramble on with inanities like, “It’s to keep women down also. Let’s not forget one of the reasons they do this is to keep women in their place — barefoot and pregnant.”

In a perfect world, Joy Behar would be on the unemployment line with Kathy Griffin, railing against how the Christian Talibanis had forced her out. Unfortunately, some forms of bigotry are acceptable on television, and hers is one of them.

One can only hope the backlash is serious enough that even the acceptability of anti-Christian sentiment in the mainstream media isn’t enough for Joy Behar to hide behind.

H/T: Conservative Tribune



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