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WATCH: Angry Crowd Goes BALLISTIC At CNN HQ Demanding An End To Fake News

It seems that Americans have finally had enough of being fed Fake News by organisations that claim to be unbiased news outlets. Protestors have gathered outside the CNN HQ in Atlanta waving signs and chanting for the MSM to put honesty at the forefront of their programming.

According to studies carried out at Harvard University, more than 80% of coverage from the “top” networks was “actively negative” against Donald Trump from the beginning of his Presidential campaign…and they have not improved. When the MSM backs a particular candidate and runs down the opposition at the same time, then they are no longer independent news, they become mere mouthpieces for a regime.

The fact that the DNC and the media have launched an all-out war against democracy to install their preferred candidate in the White House is a national shame; the Patriots protesting CNN HQ are doing what all protestors should be doing. When the Left protest, they are in fact. protesting against the democratic system that has served America so well (just because they didn’t like the result, does not mean the system is wrong).

If the people protesting Donald Trump were true Democrats, they would be alongside the Patriots at protesting Fake News…But I guess they’re not.


Americans are so thoroughly fed up with fake news in the mainstream media that they’ve taken to the streets in protest.

Anti-CNN protestors gathered outside CNN headquarters in Atlanta on Saturday holding up signs and wearing T-shirts plastered with major news networks like NBC and newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post, and letters that spelled “fake news,” MAGA, and “snowflakes.”

WATCH and enjoy:

“This has been going on for far too long,” Paul Manor told one media outlet. “They want to report the news, fine. They want to report their opinion, we’ll go someplace else.”

Manor said the last time he tuned in to CNN was during the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

That’s a long time to go without watching CNN, but Manor hasn’t been missing much.

People like the protestors in Atlanta are going other places to get their news, including foreign news media and alternative news sites.

Cable television had a significant impact in challenging the influence and power of the big three broadcast networks ABC, CBS, and NBC, and the Internet has had an equally large impact in challenging cable news giants like CNN and MSNBC.

Competition is good, so long as the big media companies play by the same rules of truth and honesty in reporting.

H/T: US Herald



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