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WATCH: 22 Muslim Camps Found in THESE States. Media REFUSES to Report!

Ryan Mauro (an analyst on National Security) has stated that there are at least 22 villages across the US that are in fact Terrorist training camps. And these are not just in backwater areas, some of the sites are in New York city.

This may sound like a conspiracy theory, but what we know for sure is that people are being radicalized not jut overseas but right here in the US. The use of social media, Saudi funded Mosques, and an inability of the MSM to condemn any acts of terror has emboldened those that seek to do harm to the US.

Websites that relate the “glory” of Jihad are operated directly out of the US. Now we are all well aware that the US government is spying on our internet usage and taking action based on that intel. But why are they not doing this (admittedly unconstitutional action) to people who promote Jihad and Martyrdom? We know they are doing it to right wing groups, we know very well that they do it to White Supremacist groups, so why not to groups that actively promote murder and terrorism?

Whilst many of us disagree with the very idea of state surveillance, the fact that they are being selective in ignoring Islamic terrorism, creates even more anger. And of course danger to innocent people.




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