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Video Released Of Oprah Mocking Jesus and The Bible, Watch Before She Takes it Down

Oprah Winfrey has done well for herself. She is world-famous, has a huge network of fans, and her own production company, but what about the mind behind the public persona? In a video that is sure to enrage many people (whether Christian or not), she mocks both Jesus and the Bible. Regardless of your beliefs, mocking someone’s religion or claiming they follow an irrational or irrelevant belief system can be seen as a demonstration of “your superiority”. A way of making yourself appear better than someone else.

But the real angle here is that it is only Christians that she would dare say this to. Can you imagine Oprah Winfrey telling a group of devout Muslims that “How you get to heaven doesn’t matter, there are many ways”? Or that ” Muhammed was not real, just an archetype to represent every man and woman”? Of course not. It has become safe (and even popular) to denounce Christians and the intellectual cowardice it involves does more damage to society than they realise.

As Winfrey becomes more active in denouncing mainstream religion, is she perhaps being directed in ways to make her the ideal Democrat candidate for 2024? One with no allegiance to a religion, one who openly mocks Christians for their beliefs, one that already has a high profile. The DNC appear terrified to place a leader at their helm in case new revelations come out and destroy them, Winfrey, on the other hand, is a relative “clean skin”. She just might be their last, best hope.

A new video has been released of Oprah mocking Jesus and The Bible.

It seems that she has decided to turn her back on God.

She has her own network and so she has nobody to answer to.

She’s teaching NEW AGE and liberal theology.

Watch what she’s saying:

She believes that there are many ways to God…well the Bible is pretty clear that there is only one way to God: JESUS!

Please share to unmask her, way too many people are mindless following her.



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