[VIDEO] Muslim Woman In LA Airport Tells Reporter What “REAL” Muslims Are Planning To Do!

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It’s people like this that are why we NEED a travel ban!! She’s advocating terrorism in the name of Islam…at LAX. This isn’t Iran, this is America. Open your eyes America, this is clearly an INVASION. They’re not even hiding their intentions anymore…fundamentalist Muslims are working to undermine America on our very soil!!

According to yes I’m right:

In a video posted by Tony Vera, he finds a radical Islamist woman in LAX (Los Angeles’ main international airport) and asks her about the Orlando shooting, to which she replies that he was not a terrorist, but a good person doing what he needed to do to the gays and lesbians in this country.

She was later arrested by police, but not before she sounded off about what “real” Muslims do, also known as bombing innocent people. This is going on in the most liberal of areas, and no one bats an eye, but the public is waking up and speaking out. We can have this go on NO MORE!

Here’s the video:

The woman was later arrested and questioned by the FBI for making terrorist threats:

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