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[VIDEO] Muslim Migrant Get’s Deported For Welfare Fraud, Wife Yells “F**K AMERICA!” At Deportation Hearing

Coming to America is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT. However, that’s a fact the Left loves to overlook when they lecture Americans on being welcoming to foreigners.

They just LOVE to ignore the fact that no one is upset about people immigrating here legally who love America and want to integrate into our culture. Americans just don’t want people that are coming here ILLEGALLY and people who have no intention of conforming to our values. Labeling people who have legitimate concerns about allowing un-screened migrants from terrorist hot spots as “islamaphobic” is absurd and irresponsible.

The American people are tired of being lectured at by Liberals, and when the migrants that are already here INSULT our hospitality…it’s a whole a slap in the face.

Such is the case after a district attorney took a stand against the system and filed charges against a Muslim for running a fraud business in his “halal” deli.

In Muslim society corruption is normal and part of every day life. That’s why all of their countries are piles of rubble and trash. However that is NOT the way things are done in The United States…and the hammer of justice was just brought down on this crook.

And his wife and daughter aren’t happy about our justice system either, it seems.

 According to US Herald:


Outside a Buffalo, New York courtroom where Alshami was arraigned on various charges, his burqua-clad wife looked into a television camera and asked defiantly, “Are you happy now? F&*& you. F&*& America,” while the couple’s daughter signaled her displeasure with the American legal system by extending the middle finger of each hand.

Alshami, the owner of an IGA Express Mart is held on $2 million bail after being charged with engaging in a criminal scheme to misuse food stamp cards for the purpose of defrauding the government.

The Erie County District Attorney’s Office said Alshami bought food stamp cards from welfare recipients at half-price, then used the cards to purchase inventory for his deli at low-price, “big box” stores like Walmart, selling the lower-priced goods at a large profit.

The scheme was in place for at least 18-months.

Alshami was also charged with burglary for stealing kitchen cabinets, a baseboard heating system and a hot water tank from a vacant home for use in his store.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The female members of the illegal family are not the only ones who like to “flip the bird” at Americans.

Alshami posted a picture of himself in that pose last year with a Facebook post directed to local residents who had complained about illegal activities taking place at his corner deli.

“We will stay open regardless of what you want… Long stay the Arab stores… We are gonna stay here and make this money! So try to shut us down,” he dared.

Alshami has also been charged in the past with possession of crack cocaine.

Just a simple, hardworking family we should be happy to welcome into our neighborhoods.



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