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VIDEO: Muslim Calls For ISLAMIC Takeover… What’s Your Response?

From: Angry Patriot:

This has to be the most blatant Muslim call-to-arms ever recorded in North America. This video looks like it could have been made by ISIS.

Protesters gathered around to support a Muslim terrorist calling for liberals to take up arms and attack President Trump and other Americans. “We must become the enemies that sow terror in their hearts,” yells the Muslim man to a cheering crowd.

The most disgusting part is when you hear the ignorant liberal women cheering in the background. This is a man calling for the enslavement of women, and he is being cheered on BY women.

The terrorist is literally demanding the implementation of Sharia law. “We must celebrate our way of life, what they call barbaric cultural practices, on our streets and in our homes until their way of life disappears under our feet,” the Muslim screams out to his supporters.

By “way of life” he means honor killings and marital rape. Women have absolutely no rights under Sharia law, they are objects owned by men. Now, liberal women are cheering this on. They are cheering at the prospect of their own enslavement.

This MUST be the result of ignorance. I cannot believe that anyone would willingly submit themselves to Islam if they had any understanding of what that meant. Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to leave the house unsupervised. If any Saudi women attempted to have a protest like this, they would subject to horrific punishment, possibly even death.

It is bewildering that the police did not step in and arrest this man, who was literally inciting violence and calling for terrorists attacks. Was no one there alarmed that this man got away with calling for the destruction of the West and demanding the spread of terror?

Liberals are fond of likening Trump and his supporters to oppressive, authoritarian fascists — but this man just proved its his side which is guilty of that crime. This just proves how groups of useful idiots can be convinced to follow despotic leaders. The crowd, I hope, has no real understanding of what this man is saying, as he asks his supporters to commit terrorist acts, and they cry out in support.

This man was allowed to spread a message of pure hate because he is Muslim, and because liberals see Muslims as the victim, even as they are directing attacks against us. This should be a lesson. We absolutely cannot let this man, and those who follow him, win. We cannot allow even ONE more terrorists into our country.

Islam is waging a holy war against the West, and though these screaming liberals refuse to acknowledge this, we patriots are ready to stand against it.

Via: Angry Patriot



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