VIDEO: Imam threatens “Germany WILL be an ISLAMIC State, Your Daughters WILL Marry Muslim, She WILL learn Arabic”

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A shocking video has been released of an Imam preaching in a German town square saying that “Germany will be an Islamic State”. And the sad part of this is, that this is not an isolated incident. All across Germany and Europe, Islamists are at waging a cultural war against their host countries, and the governments look on and say nothing.

The Imam says that “Your daughter will marry a Muslim, she will learn Arabic”, yet passersby, instead of telling him what they think, look on passively, in fear of what the authorities may charge them with if they demure. This is a war for the dominant culture, and it won’t be stopped by German leaders. Chancellor Angela Merkel has admitted that her multi-cultural experiment has failed, but has refused to halt mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East.

Germany has a well-settled Turkish Muslim population. They have integrated an join in fully with German festivals and society, but with the influx of dangerous Radicals, even these communities are experiencing radicalization of the young men. It is a destructive force that will result in bloodshed. It may even be too late.

Again (and again and again), the religious figures and holy men of Islam tell us exactly what their plan is, what their goals are — conquest. Again (and again and again) Western elites deny, deflect, delude.