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URGENT POLL: Should Trump CUT OFF Illegals Welfare & Government Assistance?

One of the key questions that should be on the mind of every potential voter, is whether or not paying welfare and government aid to illegal aliens represents the best interests of the American people. Under the Obama administration, welfare payments to those with no legal right to be in the country was standard practice. But in what way does this benefit US citizens (native or migrant)? And is it perhaps an attempt to undermine the very system that has made America the most powerful nation on Earth?

Taxpayers in southern states are actually funding welfare payments to Mexican nationals who do not even reside in the US, and this is abetted by Mexican government officials. Budgets for State welfare are being squeezed and those truly in need of assistance are suffering because budget money (despite what the Democrats would have you believe) is finite.

At what point did a noble welfare system become a method of funding illegal migrants to subsist in a nation in which they have no legal right to remain? When money is spread thinner, more people suffer. The new government should be making it a priority to look after the poorest in society, but let’s start with the people who actually have a right to assistance first. If not, it should come from the US Foreign Aid budget directly.


We finally have a president who can take a stance against entitlements. Donald Trump should cut illegals off from receiving welfare and government assistance because our system cannot handle paying out more than it receives.

Why don’t we support our own people? The answer is because the Obama era has set us back. Thankfully, we have President Trump to put a stop to this nonsense. With President Trump, we can finally shut down the illegal immigration problem that has been plaguing our country.

The mainstream media loves to show the suffering of the illegal immigrants. They do this through advertisements and editorials. Their tactics are cheap and cringe-worthy.

The establishment is also against Trump on this. Many of the establishment RINOs rely on illegal immigration for cheap labor, and this takes jobs away from Americans, like us.

We need to support President Trump as he pushes back against these America-last politicians. We need to support Trump as he builds the wall. This country has been struggling with illegal immigration for too long. We need to secure our borders.

Fellow patriots, we need to remain vigilant against the Democrats, and their division tactics. The establishment and the Democrats will stop at nothing to obstruct Trump. We need to continue to support conservatives, so that we can push back against the America-last mindset that has polluted our country.



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