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URGENT: Jeff Sessions About To Announce Something That’ll Make Washington Squirm

It looks like Attorney General, Jeff Sessions is about to start getting his job done! After several widely-publicised altercations about the lack of progress in finding out who in the White House has been leaking, AG Sessions is about to make a public announcement.

To date, the Left have been the one’s pushing for investigations. Almost all have been at best spurious and at worst downright lies; but the intention was always to just cast doubt on the legitimacy of President Trump. All of the investigations are failing. Even Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, has announced that he is looking back 10 years at a person Donald Trump sold a house to…This is how desperate they are.

But once Sessions launches his investigations, there will be riots. We have the evidence, we already have the facts…Hillary Clinton is going down, and those that covered for her will fall soon after.

His announcement will come next week, and already the Dems are shaking in their boots!


New reports from Fox News and others have confirmed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will soon reveal several criminal leak investigations.

U.S Officials said that the planned announcement surrounding the recent effort on leaks investigation has “been in the works for some time and will most likely happen sometime in the next week.”

 The recent development has come days after President Donald Trump has put intense pressure on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, President Trump was heard lashing out about Sessions in leaked audio with The New York Times:

also just recently at a joint Press conference with Prime Minister of Lebanon… President Trump said:

The investigations that the Justice Department will be conducting will look into the recent intelligence leaks that were given to the media and other agencies.  President Donald Trump has said that this issue should be a top priority for Jeff Sessions but until now Sessions has been covert about the issue.

Jeff Sessions seems to be getting President Donald Trump’s message really clear… find the leakers and LOCK THEM UP. Also, go after Hillary Clinton and her goons!


At least Sessions seems to be working now.

H/T: Liberty Writers



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