U.S. Navy declares Iran’s actions “abnormal and unprofessional” after THIS

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American influence in the Mediterranean continues to slide after Iran makes shockingly provocative flyover of the Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier. As reported by Fox6Now:

The U.S. Navy is acknowledging an unarmed Iranian drone recently flew over an American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

The Navy termed the incident “abnormal and unprofessional” in a statement released by U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet spokesman Cmdr.Kevin Stephens.

The statement said that on the morning of January 12, an Iranian drone flow toward both the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and the USS Harry S. Truman, both of which were operation in international waters in the gulf.

A Navy helicopter launched from the Truman then determined that the unmanned aerial vehicle wasn’t weaponized.

“Because the UAV was unarmed and posed no risk to the carrier’s flight operations (since it wasn’t flying at the time), we determined that … the Iranian UAV’s actions posed no danger to the ship,” Stephens said in his statement. “It was however, abnormal and unprofessional.”

Clearly, there is a disconnect between Obama’s foreign policy and the reality within the Iranian State. More reason to question the wisdom in the recent nuclear deal.