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Trump’s ICE Catches Hundreds of ‘Undocumented’ In Midwest Sanctuary City

Donald is rooting out every lawbreaker, and over 100 just got put in cuffs for their crimes.


Liberals want to abolish ICE. We know why. Over the last two years, the agency has been kicking in the teeth of illegal immigration.

Across the country, sanctuary cities have been losing their best assets: illegal laborers. Corrupt businesses are getting sacked. Aliens, virtual “slaves” have been rounded up and deported.

And the hits keep coming. We know that ICE just performed one of its largest raids in the Midwest.

Surprise! They caught a boatload.

From IJR:

On Wednesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided businesses in more than a dozen locations in Nebraska and Minnesota.

The raids, which targeted agricultural facilities, resulted in 133 arrests on immigration violations and included 17 search warrants executed for individuals accused of exploiting undocumented labor.

ICE claimed that employees knowingly took part in a criminal scheme to create an “illegal alien workforce” for those 17 individuals…

According to ICE, the employers forced their employees to stay quiet about their activity, pay fees for cashing their paychecks, and forced them to deduct tax money from checks even though the government never received those funds.

You want to know why illegal immigration is still a major crisis? It’s thanks to businesses like these.

Source: IJR



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