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Trump’s Financial Records Prove Liberals Wrong AGAIN!!

98 pages of Donald trump’s financial records have been released…And the MSM look stupid once again. Since Trump’s inauguration, there have been almost constant protests asking for details of his finances, and since the Russia Collusion conspiracy theory took off, demands have grown more shrill and desperate.

IJR reported on the release of President Donald Trump’s financial records. No shock here, but he was telling the truth.

He cut many business ties prior to his inauguration in January of this year.

It was 98 pages of financial records and it showed that he made millions of dollars just in the first quarter of this year from his worldwide hotels. He does have $315 million in liabilities.

The president earned $360 million from 20 of his resort and golf businesses, his new hotel in DC earned $20 million in revenue. The President has at least $1.4 billion in assets.

He actually eliminated 500 of his business ties during this time and he broke many of them prior to taking office in January.

The New York Times couldn’t find the ties to Russia that they so desperately wanted and it makes everyone laugh that they have failed again.

The financial transactions are accounted for, but it doesn’t include his net worth or how much he has shelled to the US government.

Assets and debts of the President are accounted for.

Another fail by the mainstream media and they’re not catching on that Trump is about to do something huge. He gave out his financial records to provide fodder for the fake news media to keep them distracted so he can fix more problems in Washington.

He needs to fire Mueller and shut this whole false investigation down. It’s been seven months and there has been no shred of proof. It’s time for them to let this go.

The fake news media is stupid and they will pull a thread that doesn’t exist just to try and make Trump look bad.

What do you think of Trump releasing his records? Do you think he was being nice or distracting the moronic media?

H/T: World News Politics



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