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Trump Just STUNNED North Korea With What He Did Minutes Ago

This is an extremely dangerous time. North Korea continues its angry rhetoric against te UNited States, South Korea and Japan, all the time untouched and with apparent impunity. During the Obama presidency, there was a policy of “softly, softly” which achieved nothing and allowed the Dictator, Kim Jong Un to happily keep building his nuclear weapons.

And now, this inaction has come to a head. It is not enough now to casually ignore what is taking place, a response of some kind, ANY KIND, is needed.

President Trump has been using some pretty strong language with regards to North Korea, and the point is that he is right to do so. When the US acted weakly, it was treated as weak. When our leaders act strong, the nation is perceived as strong. Check out Trump’s Tweet below and you decide if he’s playing it strong or weak…

In true Trump fashion, he is not backing down against the reckless North Korean regime that has directly threatened the United States.

While our country would like, and Trump has tried, to settle the conflict diplomatically, Kim Jung-Un seems intent on bringing about the annihilation of both himself and his people.

This morning, Trump announced this, via Twitter:

[courtesy of CNN via]

And Trump has given North Korea every opportunity to take a path that will not lead to the

destruction of Kim Jong-Un and his regime.  It is up to North Korea now, to choose its own fate.

This is a frightening time, but our prior “leadership” has failed in efforts to corral the maniacal regime.  They’ve kept on developing nukes, and that just CAN’T CONTINUE.  Trump is doing what has to be done, in standing up to the bully and not backing down

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