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Trump Just Shattered the Biggest Unspoken Rule in Politics & Americans are Cheering

It has been a long standing rule in the political pundit playbook that politicians of any stripe should try never to wear a “Silly hat“. It haunts them with images, cartoons, and negative press. But President Trump does not and has never given two hoots for what should and shouldn’t be expected of politicians.

During a showcase of American made products, one US firm presented a gift to the President: a big Stetson hat with the Presidential Seal on it and the slogan “Make America Great Again!”

Cowardly politicians have avoided “questionable” hats for years because they cannot handle the mocking media, but Trump can handle them with ease. He has shown u that he won’t be cowed by anybody and that he takes pride in all things American.

This could be the start of a massive support movement. Get your hats out and wear them proudly to support the President!


President Donald Trump has made a name for himself by breaking all of the rules – and now he’s just shattered the biggest unwritten rule in politics.

For decades, pundits and political strategists have abided by a seemingly odd rule that politicians should never wear silly hats. Well, Trump tossed that idea out the window this week by proudly wearing a made-in-the-USA cowboy hat during a meeting at the White House.

Trump and his team were hosting a meeting about U.S. manufacturing, including a showcase of dozens of American-made products. One U.S.-based cowboy hat company prepared a special gift for the president – a Stetson hat, customized with the presidential seal and Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

This proves it once again – Trump doesn’t care what the political class thinks. He cares what the American people think.

As Breitbart reported earlier today, “The hat presented to Trump was an “El Presidente” — a fur felt hat customized with the presidential seal and the president’s name and “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan, according to the head of Stetson Dustin Noblitt. The president tried the hat on as he visited with business representatives from around the United States.”

Mainstream politicians have avoided wearing silly hats in public for decades, because they’re afraid of being mocked by the media and political opponents. But Trump simply doesn’t operate that way – when a great American business gives you a hat to wear, you wear it!

The event at the White House is part of the Trump administration’s Made in America campaign, where they are highlighting the incredible craftsmanship taking place around the country by American workers.

Trump is starting a new American revolution – he’s putting America first, and he’s refusing to apologize to anyone for that. Thank you, Mr. President!

H/T: Free Conservative Press



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