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IT’S OVER! After Trump Found Out About Mueller’s Leaks, He Exposed FBI’s WORST Nightmare

The FBI, the DNC, the State Department and the MSM have all been actively colluding to bring down Donald Trump with lies and Fake News. They have broken laws, leaked classified information, and lied under oath in an attempt to ensure that America can never have a President who is not under their direct control. These are crimes against Donald Trump and they are crimes against you and your country.

Since winning the election, Trump has been hounded by accusations of Russian collusion, hacking, and obstruction of justice; and for all these charges laid at his feet, not a single shred of evidence has ever been presented. In what real world court would this even be a case? It is, as The Donald points out, the biggest Witch Hunt that this nation has ever seen.

It goes far beyond the tyranny of the McCarthy era. The Deep State is attempting to bring about a one-party state through destroying a democratically elected President. If they win, no candidate will be able to run without their approval (much like in Iran under the Ayatollah), and anyone who has an idea to change the Status Quo will be quickly destroyed.

This is the last chance saloon for America. Will we allow the Left to dictate who we can elect as our President, or will we defend the hard won freedoms and our rights to choose the person we really want in the White House?

The Washington Post made a huge report that 5 unnamed sources claim Special Counsel Mueller is investigating whether or not Donald Trump committed an Obstruction of Justice.

Now, Donald Trump is defending himself! He exposed the FBI’s worst nightmare and proved this is nothing but a Witch Hunt.

At 3:55 a.m Trump addressed the Washington Post story and the bogus investigation.

SOURCE: Twitter

Then, President Trump exposed this WITCH HUNT by pointing out the sick double standard and how they let Hillary off. Hillary Clinton literally destroyed a dozen Cell Phones with a hammer to cover up evidence, but there was no obstruction of Justice charge. Now Trump just makes a couple comments to Comey and he obstructed justice? Look at these 3 Tweets!

SOURCE: Twitter

From our earlier article, we reported that Mueller is in violation of rule 28 CFR 45.2, according to Sean Hannity’s legal experts. The violations are due to Mueller and Comey being longtime friends. This raises numerous amounts of questions, with the first one being: is Mueller out to get Trump? Is Mueller a partisan hack? According to Gregg Jarrett, Trump should demand Mueller to quit as special counsel. The media went crazy when word came out that the POTUS might fire the special counsel. If he can, it would certainly seem justifiable now.


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