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Trump Digs FILTHY Skeleton Out Of Obama’s Closet, Americans Are FURIOUS!!

This makes my blood BOIL!! While millions of Americans work their fingers to the bone to provide for their family, thousands of Obama goons have been abusing their office to watch PORN instead of working!! And they were PAID for it!!

The Obama Presidency was truly the most corrupt in our history. Our government was a ship with a thousand holes and we were going down…

But things are different now that Trump is President. He knows that people who fail their job should be FIRED! Do you agree? Let us know what you think in the comments below and SHARE it on Facebook to spread awareness. It’s time to DRAIN THE SWAMP!! 

According to American Daily Patriot:

Under Obama’s watch, a lot of corruption was allowed to build up and fester, while his Attorney General’s, Holder and Lynch, turned a blind eye.

As reported at Mad World News, with Obama gone and AG Jeff Sessions now in power, we are beginning to find out just how rotten many of the folks and agencies they work in have become.

According to a new investigation, it appears that at a lot of government workers haven’t been doing that much work.

Instead, they have been watching pornography, including child porn.

NBC News 4 in Washington, D.C. has identified over 100 “egregious” cases during the past five years where federal employees watched porn for hours during the day or required an inspector general investigation into their viewing habits.

The report uses records obtained from FOIA requests concerning 12 different agencies.

The cases include workers who admitted spending six hours a day surfing illicit images and videos and maintaining tens of thousands of adult images on their office desktops,” the report said.

In the records acquired, investigators found over 20 cases at the Justice Department have been initiated over the last 2 years, including several at the EPA.

One of the cases was about an EPA worker in the Office of Air and Radiation that was making $120,000, all while watching porn for 2 to 6 hours a day, masturbating at work, and getting awarded bonuses for his outstanding performance.

This employee said,  “‘a lot’ of his time each workday is spent ‘organizing’ the pornography he downloaded into saved folders.”

Even after being caught, this guy was not fired and remained on the payroll for 2 more years despite being banned from the building.

He received a year of paid leave as well before he finally retired in 2015.

This is not just an isolated incident at one single agency,” said Rep. Mark Meadows (R., N.C.), who is pushing legislation for a zero tolerance policy toward viewing pornography on government computers.

We’re starting to find it across almost every agency.”

It’s insane that such activities have been allowed to happen and how tepid the response has been.

There absolutely should be a zero tolerance policy in place, and every official who weakly responded to these incidents should be fired.

We can’t have people in charge who let these disgusting actions slide.

They must be kicked to the curb with the rest of the deadwood.

It’s time to clean house and restore a modicum of accountability to all levels of government.

Source: Mad World News



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