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Trump Delivers 3 Words To McCain After He Screws All Americans Just Like Benedict Arnold

Will Obamacare never just roll over and DIE? Not with backstabbing traitors in the Senate it won’t. John McCain has been saying for years that we need to get rid of Obamacare, but when the opportunity came, he showed his true colours and backed the Status Quo.

And Trump has had enough!

When news came through that Obamacare is still with us, limply hobbling along, crushing working people and fattening up the drug companies, the President said the only thing he could: “Let Obamacare Implode!”

And this is the reality we are left with. Obamacare will not survive without Government subsidy, it is a train wreck waiting to happen. At some point in the near future, all f the Insurance companies will pull out, and then millions of people will not only not be covered, they will have paid money for NOTHING! And when it does implode, the Left will no doubt blame President Trump…But remember whose fault this really is. McCain had the chance, and he blew it!


John McCain was to be the hero, but he morphed into Benedict Arnold overnight. He betrayed his fellow Americans by joining the slimeballs in the Democratic Party in what will go down as one of the most cowardly moves ever in Congress. His hatred for President Donald Trump caused him to screw his fellow countrymen. Well, Trump has three brutal words for him today, and Americans say he needs to go back to Arizona and stay there for whatever time he has left.

John McCain has become the Benedict Arnold of our time. For seven long years, Americans have suffered, and some have even died due to the scourge of Obamacare. Early this morning at 1:45 am, the Republicans under the order of the president tried one more time to get to 50 votes to begin the process of repealing Obamacare. Hoping and praying, many Americans were glued to their TV, looking for one man to enter the chamber, Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence would be the tie breaker. If all Republicans who had campaigned on repealing Obamacare, who had promised their constituents that, if they voted for them, they would make sure Obamacare was history, voted now to do just that, the Republicans would have 50 votes exactly, and Pence would then come in to break the tie and make it a reality.

But, that didn’t happen. No, there was one man who had promised his people that he would fight for them and make sure Obamacare would be a thing of the past, yet, when his vote was needed the most, he broke seven years of promises with one word, “NO.” That was John McCain, the “hero,” who had returned from his sick bed a few days before with fanfare to be the tie breaking vote. Today, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are praising John McCain; they just love the guy. Below, you see McCain as he walks up and, oozing with arrogance, breaks his campaign promises to the good people in Arizona and stabs every American in the back:

There is more to say about how screwed middle-class Americans are because of his vote, as the Conservative Treehouse explains, “The vote cast by Senator John McCain carries much more than just more inflicted pain upon the middle class and health care insurance costs, it now – once again – clouds any hope for tax relief upon the forgotten American workers.  It is a sad reality that there are few voices beyond President Trump looking out for the forgotten American middle-class.”

Tax relief is tied into getting rid of Obamacare. If Obamacare is gone, it frees up millions of dollars that will go back to the American people in the form of lower taxes. But, what does John McCain care about lowering our taxes or people stuck with high premiums under Obamacare? Nothing. In fact, McCain would be dead if he had to rely on Obamacare.

That’s right. McCain and all of Congress have stellar health plans. Under Obamacare, McCain’s brain cancer would be just one of many, and he’d still be waiting to get his surgery. By then, that tumor would have metastasized, and he’d be dead before the six weeks were up, waiting for his operation. It’s wonderful how Obamacare, like all socialized medicine, seems to weed out the McCains. He’s eighty, he has a really bad form of brain cancer, why waste dollars on his care? He’s lived his life, time for him to die. It’s cost effective. Sound cruel? That’s how Obamacare and all socialized medicine works.

3 Republicans and 48 Democrats let the American people down. As I said from the beginning, let ObamaCare implode, then deal. Watch!

President Trump was livid, according to insiders, when he got the telephone call around 2:00 am this morning. Trump had promised Americans that he would deliver us from the evil of Obamacare, but now, because of one sick old man who should have retired years ago, he is faced with starting all over again. The two other Republicans, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, were always going to vote no. So, unfortunately, McCain was the only hope for We the People, and he let us down big league.

“Let Obamacare implode” — those three words from our president are brutal. But, Trump has tried, he’s done everything he can. When Obamacare implodes, a good number of Americans will suffer, and only then will the blame be on McCain and those snakes in the Democratic Party. Only then will they have to act, even if it’s too late for so many who suffer today.

H/T: Mad World News



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