TRANSGENDER ANTIFA THUG Starts To Burn American Flag…Pro-Trump Biker Gives Him Big Surprise [VIDEO] - Freedom's Final Stand

TRANSGENDER ANTIFA THUG Starts To Burn American Flag…Pro-Trump Biker Gives Him Big Surprise [VIDEO]

The burning of the American Flag is one of the most disgraceful acts an American can perform. It shows that they are rejecting the very principles that even allow them to have their demonstrations. The freedoms that have been fought for, the people who died for them and the system that allows them to be educated and protected. It shows that they reject them all. Or does it?

Could it just be that they are idiots? Are they looking for attention because someone in the family didn’t love them enough, or perhaps loved them too much? These fools do not understand what they are doing.

Consider this: The nation whose flag they want to burn offers them protection from people who want to hurt them for burning the flag. Think about that. The country is so great, and the spirit of goodness is so much, that it will protect people who are actively engaged in burning the flag that represents it. These people are beyond stupid.

They are not doing it because they hate America, they are doing it because they hate themselves. And they hate you. They are envious of people’s ability to make themselves happy in a world that they are scared of. By living well, we show them that they are the failure, not the flag, nor the nation it represents. Pity them.

Climate march’s are happening all over America. Many of the same groups like Antifa who turned out to burn, riot and loot in Washington DC during Trump’s inauguration and who’ve been turning up in Berkeley, CA to shut down speech rights of conservatives came to show their disdain for America. A transgender man was caught lighting a small American flag on fire and holding it up like a small child at show-and-tell to share with his anti-American friends. He got a big surprise however, when a pro-Trump, pro-American biker caught a glimpse of the burning American flag.

Watch video below:

Antifa thugs attempt to burn the American flag, Trump supporter takes it. 

This awesome biker is not the first person to bravely rescue a burning flag from a pack of thugs. We reported on Fed Ex driver Matt Uhrin in January, 2017 for taking quick action when he saw some thugs lighting the American flag on fire by the side of the road.
Fed Ex driver Matt Uhrin was driving his delivery truck in Des Moines, Iowa when he saw a bunch of losers burning an American flag by the side of the street. What he did next was nothing short of heroic. 
When did our nation become so wussified that burning an American flag with a mask or bandana covering your face was considered “cool?” Note to losers in this video…burning our flag with a mask on your face doesn’t make you cool, it makes you an anti-American loser. Period.

An Iowa City Press-Citizen photographer captured the incident in which Matt Uhrin used a fire extinguisher to put out the blaze before taking the flag from protesters. The demonstrators said they were protesting against what they call the Republican agenda, which includes positions on gay rights, civil rights and the controversial Bakken oil pipeline.

Here is the video showing Matt Uhrin, an American hero, taking on a whole crowd of losers to defend our flag. It’s hard not to shed a tear when you see how bravely he defended the honor of our US flag against this large group of degenerates who have no idea our flag stands for.

Happening now: a confrontation on the ped mall as people burn an American flag as protest.

Police cited two protesters, Kelli Ebensberger, 21, of Iowa City, and Paul Osgerby, 23, of Ames, for open burning, which is a simple misdemeanor.



H/T: 100 Percent Fed Up



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