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‘The View’ host Raven Symone is leaving the country for good if a Republican is nominated


Liberals have a special patented brand of stupidity, and its on full display from The View’s Raven Symone. Seeing how, no matter who it is, a Republican WILL be nominated, we can expect her to be leaving very soon. Perhaps she should look up the difference between being “nominated” and “elected” before she makes this decision.

From: American News

Raven-Symone has just come out with a huge announcement. She is claiming that she will leave the country and go to Canada if a Republican is nominated for president. Raven-Symone is known for being a host on ‘The View’, among other things.

“My confession for this election is, if any Republican gets nominated, I’m gonna move to Canada with my entire family. Is that bad?”

Well, the fact that she doesn’t know the difference between being elected and nominated is probably not the best thing. When the other hosts projected their skepticism, she replied, “I already have my ticket. No, I literally bought my ticket, I swear.”



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