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Texas Just Royally ENRAGED Every Muslim In Their State With What They’re Forcing Each One To Do Today

The Lone Star State has taken a huge step in ensuring that barbaric and oppressive legislation based on Islamic Sharia Law will NEVER become part of US statute. The ALAC Bill (American Law for American Courts) has passed through both Houses with very little real opposition and now just needs the Governor’s signature to become law.

The bill frames all foreign laws as unconstitutional, but it was designed and presented as a way to stop traditional Islamic laws from becoming part of the Texas law book. Muslim organisations like CAIR have been trying to incorporate aspects of Sharia into the American legal system which of course, has been almost unopposed by Democrat law makers.

The legal system in the US is based on precedents. If one aspect of Sharia is adopted in one state, it will become much easier to implement more. Texas has done the whole Union a favour by getting this started.

For the last 10 years, minority groups have had the law of the land applied too laxly due to “cultural considerations”, but it is really the thin end of the wedge. Islamic scripture states that good Muslims should live by Sharia Law…But it is not compatible with freedoms enjoyed in the US.

The United States has long been known as the land of promise. The entire world knows us as being the place where you go if you want to make good, you go to America, that’s almost universally known. So why would someone want to come to the United States and change anything? If they immigrate here for a better life, it doesn’t make sense that they would want to change it to look and feel like the place that they’re leaving.

That, however, is the right that many want to keep when they come to the United States. The deluge of Middle Easterners isn’t slowing down, and they’re bringing their backward ways of living with them. So do we let them keep their “culture” (i.e. rampant disrespect for human life and other people’s rights) or do we make them assimilate?

Texas lawmakers know the answer to that question, without question. Texans don’t mess around when it comes to foreigners screwing with our fair state.

Via Conservative Daily Post:

“Of every issue that people suffer in Muslim societies, Sharia law is definitely the worst of all, given the fact that it contains a series of rules that are quite disturbing. For example, Sharia law commands that drinkers should be whipped, allows husbands to hit their wives, allows the physical law of retaliation, commands the execution of gay people and apostates, and worst of all, it allows child marriage.

Although these elements should be more than enough to be strongly condemned by everyone, Western liberals have been blindfolded by their own ideology and haven’t been capable of making any critiques about this sickening issue. In fact, there are many Western nations ruled by liberal politicians, who have shown their willingness to accept Sharia law in the name of multiculturalism.

While it seems possible that some states of America could eventually accept this Islamic law, Texas just achieved a major victory in the battle and assured the privilege of not being one of these.

In a historical victory against Jihad, state legislators in the Lone Star State passed a version of the American Law for American Courts (ALAC) bill on Monday, banning the implementation of Sharia law in Texas for good. This way, the second largest state in America won’t be governed by the Islamic religious code, which represents a really important triumph, considering that honor killings were starting to become common in Texas.

Fortunately, both houses of the state legislature voted for the Texas Foreign Law Procedural Protection Act, also known as HB 45. With this achievement, the bill now heads to the governor’s desk for a signature, and the danger of being ruled by Sharia law is almost extinguished.

… according to the non-profit organization Clarion Project, there are more than 80 radical mosques in America, meaning that the possibilities of another terrorist attack on U.S. soil are considerably high.

While the ALAC legislation ended up banning Sharia law, Muslim activists opposed it in the two last sessions, which culminated in a big protest on the steps of the state capitol building. Sadly, representatives from the terrorist-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) assured everyone they were above the American law since they are practicing Muslims.

HB 45 American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) Bill Advances to the Texas Senate! : https://t.co/wjQSCZ581l

— Cathie Adams (@cathieadams) 11 de mayo de 2017
Furthermore, protesters claimed that the House and Senate bill proposals would hinder the First Amendment rights and freedoms of Muslims, and admitted that the primary goal of their efforts was to defend Sharia law.

In addition to the terrorist attacks, the most complicated issue about Islamic extremism is the liberals’ unwillingness to recognize the problems within this religion and the nations where it is dominant. As usual, when the facts are not on their side, they consistently try to divert attention by calling people racist or Islamophobe if they try and speak the truth.

In a world where many people won’t accept the reality of one of the biggest threats in its history, is essential to take actions in order to prevent major damage. Fortunately, even though some details need to be taken care of, Texas just pointed the path Western civilization must follow.”

To be fair, their desire to change the laws here makes sense if you factor in that their god told them to do it. When you talk about the Muslims flooding our shores from the war torn middle east, and their horribly perverted Sharia law, you’ve got to remember that this isn’t just a passing fire insurance kind of religion, this is life and death, eternal punishment on the line.

Now, I do want to address the fact that America has no problems with them restricting themselves beyond what our laws require. If you’d like to cover your entier body except for your eyes, be our guest. If you think that you shouldn’t eat or drink certain things because they’re unclean, you go for it. You’ll probably be healthier than we are.

The problem lies in the liberties being taken outside of what our laws allow. Things like; beating women who aren’t covered in a bedsheet, marrying 5-year-olds, throwing acid at people. These are the kinds of things banned in our culture that Sharia Law allows. That would not be ok with us.

You come to America, you obey our laws. End of story.

H/T: Freedom Daily



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