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Should Your Taxpayer Dollars Pay For Transgender Surgeries?

Transgender surgery has hit the headlines once again with two State Employees actually suing the State because they want their gender reassignment paid for by you, the taxpayer. Elective surgeries have never been covered by State insurers yet this case has grabbed he front pages because the MSM are essentially making the argument that it is a “human right”.

Should breast or penis enlargement be funded by the taxpayer? Conditions such as “micro-phallus” can be extremely psychologically damaging, but where is the outcry to have the taxpayer fund these surgeries? These two men wishing to become “women” can very easily have the surgeries if they wish to pay for it themselves. This is not an argument about anyone’s right to choose how they present themselves to the world, it is about whether or not you should be paying for it.

The State and Federal government collect a certain amount of taxes from each American every year. This money is then used to fund things like schools, prisons, police, hospitals and roads; welfare and pensions, care for the mentally ill or children in poverty. If money is taken away from these areas to pay for elective surgeries, what is the real cost? Does a child go hungry? Is a woman left in an abusive relationship? Are criminals left to roam the streets? Will an elderly person freeze in winter?

This is the cost. Should Americans be paying for elective surgeries or taking care of the venerable in real need?

Yesterday, we told you about two state employees who are suing the state, because the taxpayer-funded state health insurance would not cover transgender surgeries. In this particular case, two men who wanted surgeries to become women.

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Note that they can still go through surgery if they choose (one already did), it is just a matter of them paying for this out of their own pockets.



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