The already Viral video (see below) of President Trump helping out a Marine when his hat blew off in the wind, shows us not just that the President is a person with a heart, but that he does not see a distinction between himself and others.

The modern politician is one part vampire and two parts sociopath. They lack empathy and only engage with the real people of this country when they need you to vote for them. they see themselves as a different class of people to us “little folk”, and this is why they can talk about grand moral schemes without considering the real impact it will have on everyday people.

President Trump distinguishes himself, not only in his ability to connect with people but by his empathy and willingness to help. Could you in a million years imagine a Clinton or an Obama stopping to help out someone like this?

When 2020 comes around, it won’t be Donald Trump’s policies or political endeavors that get him re-elected, it will b his humanity. It will be the personal touches in everything he does, and most importantly, it will be because we, the People, know that there is at least one person on the political stage that considers us as human beings.

CNN will probably headline the following video with the following: Trump forces Marine to wear hat despite resistance. That’s not what really happened, though. Check this out and watch the video below.

You got to love President Trump. He found the Marine’s hat and then picks it up and puts it back on him. Watch the amazing video below.

 God bless our Marines. President Trump really cares about our men and women in uniform and makes it a point to show it every moment he can.

The touching moment occurred at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland as Trump got on Marine One to go to Mar-a-Lago resort.

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H/T: Liberty Writers

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