The purpose of having judges is that they can be impartial arbiters. They should be able to rise above personal feelings and rule on cases based on nothing but the evidence put forward. But what happens when judges have a personal interest in cases? What happens when their personal feelings get involved in their duties? Should we seek to remove them from office?

This is the question that is now facing Congress. After 9th Circuit Judge, William Orrick III ruled against President Donald Trump’s Order to begin withholding funds from places that act as Sanctuary Cities, added to the fact that he was instrumental in blocking the President’s travel Restriction Executive Order, many are questioning his impartiality.

Not only did Judge Orrick donate personal funds to Obama support organisations, he also worked to raise money for Obama directly. This is not an impartial, unbiased person. he is fully involved with the pro-Obama, ant-Trump movement and is using his role as a Judge to help with this effort.

Why is it, that all of the appeals against Trump’s Executive Orders have come to the 9th District? Surely if all Judges can be trusted to be impartial, then they could file against the Orders anywhere? If they are truly impartial, then every Judge would likely rule the same, because the decision is supposedly based on evidence alone.

But they are not impartial and unbiased. that is why all of these actions go through only one district because they know that they have friendly, willing judges who will help them regardless of their exalted positions. Is it time to follow Newt Gingrich’s suggestion and abolish the 9th Circuit?

Judge William Orrick III has made quite a name for himself these past few months.

In the appeals process a few months ago, he and his fellow Ninth District judges, in the appeals process, refused to uphold President Trump’s first travel ban executive order. Now, he has stopped the order which would allow the federal government to defund sanctuary cities, cities that are allowing the protection of fugitive illegal aliens, which has done more harm than good in our country.

On top of all of that, we have discovered that this particular judge is not making his decision on an impartial basis, as he has worked to raise money for former President Obama and donate funds to organizations that support Obama.

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Now knowing his very political side, is it time for Congress to hold this judge accountable by means of an impeachment process to remove him?


H/T: American Conservative Herald

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