President Trump is no fool—he is running our government like a successful business and he’s not going to let the Washington Swamp waste millions and blame him.


When Trump took office. He’s slashed the size of government bigly.

Not only did he cut taxes, but the government has been enjoying a surplus of revenue. How is that possible?

Trump’s president. That’s how.

Now the POTUS makes a stunning announcement that will save us even more. Even though it cancels a much-beloved plan.

From AP News:

President Donald Trump said Friday he had canceled plans for a Veterans Day military parade, citing the “ridiculously high” price tag — a day after U.S. officials said the November event could cost $92 million, more than three times the price first suggested by the White House.

Trump on Twitter accused local Washington, D.C., politicians of price-gouging. But preliminary estimates from the Pentagon showed that roughly $50 million would cover military aircraft, equipment, personnel and other support. The remainder would be borne by other agencies and largely involve security costs…

The Defense Department had announced Thursday there would be no parade in 2018. Trump tweeted that perhaps something could be scheduled next year when the price “comes WAY DOWN.” He did not explain how the costs would be reduced.

I have no doubt that Trump could have put on the parade at cost. He is an expert negotiator and can get any budget lowered.

The fact that he refused in this case really speaks to the corruption of D.C. The city itself no doubt hit the government with bogus costs.

The security, not to mention fees, taxes, and permits, required for the exciting event most likely ran out of control.

Far too many major U.S. cities are run by corrupt scum bags. They love to price gouge everyone, including the federal government.

Trump, seeing what they were up to, refused to comply. He’s thinking of Americans first, after all. Why waste $92 million, even on a morale-boosting event?

It’s better to cancel than to let the crooks get their money.

So, while we are disappointed we won’t be getting our kick-ass parade, at least Trump is saving us some green.

Source: Associated Press

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