The tradition of holding Ramadan festivities at the White House has been in place since Bill Clinton’s time and has been one of the main cultural calendar events ever since. But not any more. Rex Tillerson has declared that they won’t be held at the WH…And why should they? Ramadan is not an American holiday, it has no special significance to the majority of Americans, so why should festivities be held in the most important office in the country?

There are many American Muslims, who are free to observe Ramadan in any way they please (that is the beauty of religious freedom), but the US is a Christian nation, it always has been. There are many on the Left who hate the idea that the US is a Christian nation and are appalled at the idea that it is named as such (they are not however horrified when people call Middle East nations “Muslim nations”…Why is that?).

The White House does not host festivities for every subsection of America as a matter of course. In fact, the White House is not even obliged to celebrate American holidays on site! What makes groups like CAIR think they have rights that others do not? 

It is the constant demanding of special treatment that is creating a division in American society and groups like CAIR are directly responsible. The average American Muslim does not care whether someone in the White House is observing Ramadan, the President is not a Muslim, so why should he? Most Muslims in America celebrate American holidays because they are American and Muslim holidays because they are Muslim. They see no good reason why the President should observe Ramadan!

This is an incitement to hatred from special interest groups like CAIR who only “care” about themselves and the power they can accrue and wield.

This week United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just did what all us red-blooded patriotic Americans have been dreaming about since 1999.

While President Donald Trump is on his first overseas trip since becoming president Secretary of State Rex Tillerson did to Muslims what they have been asking for centuries now. He decided not to hold the annual Ramadan festivities at the White House which have become a tradition since the Sexual Predator President Bill Clinton’s administration.

This comes on the heels of Muslim activists actually having the audacity of accusing President Donald Trump’s administration of having an unfriendly attitude toward Islam.

The Washington Times Reports:

My Muslim friends tell me that Ramadan is a holy month. They say it is a month dedicated to introspection, facilitated by daily fasting. Fasting lets you know in the most intimate way that you are but a fragile creature, dependent on God for your very existence. Fasting is also meant to facilitate empathy with the poor and needy. Ramadan is a month for appreciating one’s relationship with family, friends, and most of all, with God. The combination of worship, introspection and social activity is designed create an opportunity to grow spiritually, and to become more generous and kind.

So it is sad to see that very word “Ramadan” has come to mean the opposite of its original intention. Ramadan today is a time of chaos and mayhem, murder and destruction. Islamist terror attacks that take place in the month of Ramadan, and in the name of Ramadan, have sullied not only Islamism, but, by association, the Ramadan attacks have tarnished the reputation of Islam itself. To the pain of religious people everywhere, Ramadan violence has dishonored religion in general. Murder in the name of God is a disgrace to God.

Last year murderous Ramadan attacks took place in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Jihad’s innocent victims were killed in France, Syria, Tunisia, Somalia and Kuwait.
Monday was the first day of this year’s Ramadan. In the past five days, 9 people have been murdered, and many more severely injured in terrorist attacks. In Amman, an attack against the office of Jordan’s national intelligence agency killed five employees, including 3 intelligence officers. Yesterday in a Tel Aviv restaurant, the victims included a mother of four, a professor, a Coca-Cola employee, and a woman waiting to meet her fiancé. Hamas claimed the Tel Aviv terrorists as their own.

The Islamic State (aka ISIS, ISIL) called for the Ramadan massacres last year, and apparently has done so again, urging “a month of conquest and jihad”. The threat was announced in an ISIS video made public on May 21.

The U.S. State Department has already issued a warning about terrorist threats to Europe.
Like the Islamic State, Hamas is a terrorist organization with a fundamentalist Islamic ideology. Both organizations control territory by force and strict authoritarianism. The intermingling of religion and violence is everywhere in these societies. Take this popular hashtag on Palestinian social media networks: “#We broke the fast killing them,” which refers to the fact that the two gunmen broke their Ramadan fast in the restaurant where they later shot people.

The prospect for peace is another casualty of the Ramadan massacres. The Jerusalem Post reports that following the Tel Aviv shooting, Salma al-Jamal, a Palestinian news anchor working at Al-Jazeera TV, wrote on her Twitter page: “The Ramadan operation that took place today is the best answer to stories we have been hearing about ‘peace process’ that some people are trying in vain to revive.”

massacres. The Jerusalem Post reports that following the Tel Aviv shooting, Salma al-Jamal, a Palestinian news anchor working at Al-Jazeera TV, wrote on her Twitter page: “The Ramadan operation that took place today is the best answer to stories we have been hearing about ‘peace process’ that some people are trying in vain to revive.”

Bloody Ramadan leaves a trail of lives wasted, families shattered, and grief, anger and loss. It dishonors both humanity and God.

Really Muslims? How friendly is the death cult you call a religion to other religions and cultures? Are they friendly to Christians? Nope, they kill them every chance they get. Are they friendly to Jew? Nope, in fact, Jews aren’t even allowed to enter Muslim nations. Just ask Saudi Arabia. And why do we even allow “Muslim Activists” in this country? A death cult shouldn’t have any so-called “activists.”

In fact, this year Muslims are celebrating Ramadan by threatening one of our major cities.

Las Vegas, who is a hot spot for worldwide tourism and everything Islam is against. In this most recent propaganda video, we see many of Las Vegas’ most popular landmarks. This latest video is the second time ISIS has featured Las Vegas in its terrorist recruitment videos. This particular video goes as far as mentioning Las Vegas by name and also showing it’s most distinct landmarks and hotels.

If Muslim scumbags could hit Las Vegas we could be looking at more casualties than we saw on 9/11. They call Las Vegas sin city for nothing, although I prefer to call it the most anti-Islamic city in the US. It stands for everything our freedoms stand for and what these sick bastards hate. Which is most everything civilization stands for.

H/T: Freedom Daily

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