The pervasiveness of Sharia Law in the Western world is growing at an alarming rate, and what’s worse is that many of our elected Representatives are encouraging it. Sharia is a divisive and dangerous set of laws that the Koran says Muslims should live under wherever they go…And that’s fine for them, but the fact that it is now in American towns engaged in a battle with the US Constitution is terrifying.

Under Sharia, the punishment for crimes is vicious and bloody…Hands and feet cut off, stoned to death and more. If a woman is raped, in a Sharia court, her testimony is worth only half that of a man’s; so she needs at least 2 female witnesses to even be judged properly.

If Sharia is allowed in American towns, it will undermine the Constitution; if any Foreign law is introduced, it undermines the Constitution…It just so happens that Sharia is particularly brutal.

As we witness the demise of many European nations under waves of Muslim immigration, it would be a mistake to think that could never happen in America.

The following video shows that, thanks to the policies of Barack Obama, at least one American town is already completely under Sharia Law.

And it won’t be the last if we don’t start supporting President Trump’s immigration policies.

It’s not about ending immigration. It’s about making sure those we do let in are prepared to integrate with American society and culture, NOT TRY TO OVERTHROW IT.

Watch and weep:

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