This is AMAZING!! Trump’s team is finally in place and they’re making BIG moves!! Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is already cleaning house at the State Department, according to a report. Next up is going to be the CIA, FBI, and NSA!

Not only that, most of the people who were fired worked on the seventh floor. That’s traditionally where all the big wigs work…and now they’re all out. Trump doesn’t care what position you have. He cares about your work ethic and if you’re going to get the job done. How else could he have built a company as big as he did?


According to usa politics today:

GREAT JOB REX! That’s what we were expecting for so long! Now Trump should clean more the White House so there is not going to be more leaking.

We look as complete amateurs and losers to the world when presidents talks with world leaders are leaking out like candies! We are talking about our commander in chief, he should be protected under many layers of secrecy and professionalism.

We have to stop the leaking, Trump team have to unite all federal government behind Trump so that he could focus on his campaign promises!

Now he is being stabbed every day in the back, he is bleeding all day, this looks very bad now! Trump need help, he need supporters in the government, and his enemies out of the government!

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(h/t) NY Post

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