There have been a lot more calls for someone to take a harder look into the finances of former President Barack Obama. As the MSM fails to report on what could be a massive fraud of the taxpayer, people are wondering if Obama is going to go unchallenged or if President Trump will launch an investigation into the very suspicious dealings.

Just to take one example, over $400 million has been paid to someone for the royalties of naming “Obamacare”. This taxpayer money was paid by the State Department to an offshore company called Barry Soetoro (which many believe to be one of Obama’s aliases).

Who is Barry? He clearly had high government access and contacts to be involved in naming Obama’s legacy bill, so why is no information available about him. And why is the State Department paying money to offshore Cayman Island accounts?

These questions and many more need to be answered. In the US you are innocent until proven guilty, but when coincidences start to line up, we at least need an investigation into the truth!




The Grifters was a popular movie a number of years ago. The premise that these con people would bilk money from unsuspecting victims. No the story did not follow anyone in government.

But it could have in one scenario.

Obama apparently may have off-shore accounts. OK to be fair they are under the name of Barry Soetoro. These accounts allegedly received payments of over 400 millions dollars from the US Treasury.

Under the name “Royalty Payments for Obamacare” these were paid into tax haven accounts. Off-shore accounts to repeat.

Why is tax money going into a private account…if that’s the case. Supposedly (got to love these words that offer suggestion) the monies were to cover the naming of Obamacare. Expenses and royalties to be exact. Payments may have stopped when the name became the Affordable Care Act.

Per Freedom’s Final Stand:

Let’s check out the salient points:

  • Payments were made for the naming of and royalties associated with Obamacare.

  • These payments were to a company registered as Barry Soetoro, LCC.

  • Barack Obama has denied many times that Barry Soetoro is an alias he uses.

  • Someone, behind the naming of Obama care is clearly called  Barry Soetoro.

  • The payments were made into three accounts spread across the Caymen Islands, Ireland and Caledonia.

  • The payments came from the US Treasury.

So who is Barry Soetoro, another name for Barrack Obama? Indications to  that affect have surfaced during the past few years. These were at times that this account was  not even known about. If they are one in the same, then is there a duty for an investigation to happen by the Justice Department?

If this is not Obama’s handle, there is still money that belongs to Americans that needs to be brought back. Considerable back taxes should be in affect here in the United States. Accounting would put it close to $170 million dollars.

Do we ignore such an amount and do we do nothing in regards to this account? How many more “Barry Soetoro” accounts exists elsewhere that may be taxpayer related?

H/T: Lady Liberty’s News

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