One of Barack’s worst skeletons has been exposed by a top Democrat, and it lets Donald off the hook.


Oh, how quickly liberals forget.

But maybe it’s not that they’ve forgotten; maybe it’s just that they choose to ignore the facts. As they so often do.

Democrats are calling for President Donald Trump’s head because of the recent campaign violation accusations.

They’re saying that because of this, the Commander-in-Chief should be impeached.

But of course, liberals are looking for any excuse to oust the President; this is just the latest issue they’re latching on to, and it doesn’t hold much water.

In fact, one legendary lawyer says it doesn’t hold any water at all and furthermore…

Barack Obama was guilty of the exact same thing!

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz first said there’s virtually no evidence to support the idea of impeachment:

I fully understand why so many people want, hope that President Trump has committed crimes and impeachable offenses, but the evidence isn’t there.

The president or a candidate is entitled to contribute anything he wants to his own campaign.

The only issue here is whether or not there was a failure to report the contribution.

That was to the treasurer of the campaign and not to the president and conspiracy is a very big stretch.

On top of which, Dershowitz revealed that the liberal Lord and Savior, Barack Obama himself, was guilty of the same “crime” during his campaign:

Look the reporting — if it occurred, would have occurred after the election considering the chronology of everything, and so to stretch and make a reporting violation which so many campaigns have.

President Obama’s campaign had to pay $300,000 for reporting violations.

To make a conspiracy out of that when the law itself says the treasurer is responsible, not the candidate, is an example of precisely what we’re seeing, trying to stretch the law to fit somebody…

…who many Americans hope and want to see commit a crime or commit an impeachable offense.

Once again, we find leftists making mountains out of molehills, and also ignoring the past.

Did we hear anything from the mainstream media when Obama had to shell out that $300K for his violation? Of course not.

But you want the current President impeached for the same thing?

Typical Democrats. Forget the facts; forget the law; we’ll just do whatever we want because we know we’re right and you’re wrong.

Isn’t that an accurate representation of every liberal you know?

Source: Breitbart

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