The Left would rather have almost anybody in power other than Donald Trump…The main reason being is that they see him as uncontrollable and willing to tear down the structures they have spent years secretly putting in place. So with all the talk of impeachment in place, they were quietly hoping that VP Mike Pence might be slightly more open to their causes. They were wrong.

Mike Pence sent out a message that shows he is 100% behind Donald Trump and that he considers everything that is happening a collusion between the media and the DNC to seize power. And then he invites you and I to fight back against these pernicious actions of the Globalists.

When we consider the web of lies that are circulating about the President, and that the DNC have never stopped campaigning to retain power, it becomes clear that they have no respect for the American Democratic process. They are not willing to let the people have their elected President, and yet they are not brave enough to openly state what their real policies are. The Left want open borders, an end to nation states and a one world government that is run like the European Union with unlimited power of regulation held in the hands of the few.

Across the Globe, they are putting people in place (Macron in France, Jutte in Holland), and they won’t stop until all real democracy is taken away.

The mainstream media has officially gone insane this week. They have been spreading lies and even calling for President Trump’s impeachment.

President Trump’s enemies in his own party are teaming up with the media and calling for his impeachment to make Mike Pence President. Well, Mike Pence just sent these Traitors their WORST nightmare!

Mike Pence posted this message on Facebook not only supporting Trump, but calling for Trump supporters to join them “in the trenches” and to “Fight Back.” Look at Pence’s Message and SHARE on Facebook so we can make this go viral. 

Do you stand with President Trump and Mike Pence? Fight back against the media by sharing Pence’s message! We need to show them that they can’t take us down! WATCH Mike Pence stand beside Trump give the best speech ever to our nation’s brave police officer’s in Washington DC. (Video Below)

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