Ivanka Trump turned up at the Congressional baseball match to show the world that the First Family are with us all regardless of the division that is being sewn in Washington. She took the time to go into the dugout and wish everyone well and spent time with lawmakers to honour the work that Lawmakers AND Law keepers are doing to keep us safe.

This is such a contrast to previous administrations. Whilst the Obama children were off abusing their father’s powers and doing drugs, the Trump family have been an inspiration to us all.

America is undergoing a change, but it’s not the change that the MSM want. The Left are trying to divide us all and make “special interest groups” the bastions from which people begin to hate others, but this is not the reality of life in the real world. Americans may argue and rage against policies, but at the end of the day, we are all just looking to take responsibility in our lives and protect our families. This is why the Trump kids are such good role models. They neither drink, smoke nor do drugs. they are a close family who put each other first and are good role models for American youth.

The true magic of the US is that people have the opportunity to express themselves in any way they want, and rugged individualism is not frowned upon (as it is in many other nations). Because it is only by being truly ourselves that we can make real connections with those in our communities, and nobody can take that away from us.

Amazing first daughter Ivanka Trump showed up to Thursday night’s congressional baseball game. Trump skipped because of the security challenges of attending. Look what his daughter was seen doing in the dug out. She was there paying respects for her father.

Don’t you love the first family? They are so classy – especially Ivanka. They really stick together as a family. She brought her kids and then helped make the place so much more positive.

Ivanka mingled with the lawmakers on the field. She told the Hill, “It’s great to be out here to support everyone who came.”

Ivanka: “Its great to be out here and support everyone who came”. Follow @thehilldotcom on Snap for more from tonight’s game!

White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters on Wednesday that the president didn’t plan to attend the game due to security hurdles.\

“While the president would like to attend the game and show his support for all of these brave public servants, he has been advised that there is not enough time to follow Secret Service protocols,” Spicer said in today’s Press conference.

Guys, Ivanka Trump is here at the congressional baseball game in the dugout with the members!

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) remained in critical condition today after his third surgery. Trump called for the nation to come together. Look what he said earlier.


H/T: Liberty Writers

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