Former CIA operative, Claire Lopez, who has extensive experience in the Middle East explains in her video exactly what is happening across the Islamic world. She describes the plight of all other religions under the boot of Radical Islam, and what’s more, she tells us that this is not a “single moment in time” but rather something that has been ongoing for 1400 years.

It begs the question as to why there is no multi-national cooperation on protecting other faiths in Muslim majority countries. The UN, the EU, and the US each have officially recognized what’s happening to Christians in the war-torn zones as an actual Genocide! So why is there no coordinated effort of getting these people to safety.

There is a global plan for the Islamic Caliphate. Christians, atheiest, Jews, Hindus and Muslims who don’t want to live under Sharia will all suffer together. We need a cooalition that spreads across all faiths to combat this. We need to rally our neighbors and communities to act as one, throw out the division and work together to preserve that most important thing: Liberty.

With Middle Eastern refugees streaming into every country in the world, the faith and culture that they bring is uppermost on everyone’s minds. What baggage does their culture bring, and just how damaging is their religion of Islam?

First and foremost, it is noteworthy that their violent ideology and religion are the only reason that they are seeking refuge in the first place. The religion of hate and violence has torn the middle east apart, and caused entire countries to be in upheaval for decades.

Former CIA operative Clare Lopez has extensive experience with Middle Eastern culture, and the religion of Islam, and she lays out the reasons why they are extremely dangerous to our way of life.

You and I could go on for ages about how we think the actual Muslim people will integrate into our society, or what effect American culture will do to them.

But the fact, is that if Muslims are true to their religion, their job is to wipe us off the Earth if we don’t conform to their way of life. There is no room for tolerance or acceptance, it’s complete submission or death to the infidels.

The next time you hear a bleeding heart argument about how we need to be kind, and take in anyone who wishes to come to our beautiful country, please remember that it’s their way or no way. There is no highway option.

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