The Justice Department has just confirmed that they are going to block the main portion of Federal Aid to Sanctuary Cities. The criteria are against those cities that refuse to cooperate with or notify ICE when releasing prisoners.

This first round of cuts totals over $32 million, and a quick look at the list of 261 cities will show you that most of them are in California. It is a disgrace to the idea of fair taxation that cities who do not keep their citizens safe from repeat offenders (who have no right to even be in the country) should receive money from the Federal budget. That is your tax dollars going to places that are actively involved in keeping illegal alien felons safe inside their city.

It may not seem like a lot of money on a per city basis, but Sanctuary Cities are already getting poorer on a daily basis. People are leaving these cities because of crime and punitive taxation (to pay for the illegals) and moving to places that actually respect the individual’s rights…Like Texas. Small business owners are closing up shop and heading to places that actually welcome them, not like Chicago that is as near as possible bankruptcy as you can get, so have decided to tax small businesses even more.

This is a great first step…But more steps are needed to make America safe for all citizens, regardless of their origins.


The Trump Administration’s crackdown on illegal immigration continues with further pressure on sanctuary cities.

The Daily Signal reports that the Justice Department has confirmed that it will block Byrne Justice Assistance Grants, which account for the lion’s share of federal aid to states and localities for criminal justice, from sanctuary cities, specifically jurisdictions that keep Immigration and Customs Enforcement from talking to local officials and interviewing inmates, or not notifying ICE when they release aliens ICE wants to deport.

It is significant because a large share of the funds awarded in this program go to sanctuary jurisdictions. For example, according to Justice Department records, the four largest grants, and seven out of the top 10 recipients of the Byrne/JAG grants are sanctuaries.

Under the new rules announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, these four top grant-getters (New York City; Cook County, Illinois; Los Angeles; and Philadelphia) are likely to be disqualified from these grants in the future if they maintain their current policies toward ICE.

These cities received more than $10 million in grants in 2016.

See the table below for a list of sanctuary jurisdictions that received Byrne/JAG grants in 2016. Sanctuary jurisdictions received $32.7 million in 2016.

So a whopping 261 sanctuary cities are about to feel the squeeze. This move is particularly fitting because, as seen above, among those flouting federal law are the biggest beneficiaries of federal money. If they insist on going without one, they should have no problem going without the other, right? Who can possibly have a problem with that?

Amid all the chaos, failure, and uncertainty on other issues in Washington DC, it’s incredibly reassuring to see the administration continuing to nail the problem of sanctuary cities while showing no signs of slowing down.

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