This is one of the biggest questions that a free and fair society should be asking: Should Illegal Aliens repay the benefits they receive?

Someone who arrives in the country and begins claiming benefits doesn’t deserve them. Welfare is a safety net system that we all pay for through our working lives; when it is abused, we are abused.

We have a refugee program in place and an asylum policy in place, we even have a $50 billion foreign aid program. People who enter the country illegally are doing so because they are economic migrants, not escaping war or persecution (if they were, they would not be illegal). It is an economic move that the American taxpayer is funding.

With rampant poverty in many places around the US, the time has come to start really helping our own poor. Homeless kids and veterans, mental health, addiction, these are the things we should be focusing on.

Take the poll and let us know if you think Illegal migrants should pay back the welfare they get.

For years now illegal aliens have been mooching off of the taxpayers. Despite cutting in line and disregarding the hard-working immigrants waiting to be permitted into our country, the Obama administration has rewarded them.

These criminals have been living off the tit of our government and receiving more care from the government than our own VETERANS do! It’s unacceptable.

The question arises? Should they simply be deported, or should they also have to repay what they’ve taken?

H/T: Compatriot News

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