In what is clearly a propaganda move to shore up German Chancellor, Angela Merkel’s falling poll figures against Martin Schultz (ex EU President), not only has she announced moves to ban the burka in Germany, but her defence secretary has also been pictured unveiled in a meeting with the Saudis.

When meeting with the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince, Ursula von der Leyen chose not to wear any kind of Islamic (middle Eastern) covering in a break with tradition. It does seem on the surface that she made a bold and politically brave move. But Merkel brooks no dissent. Be assured that this was a stage piece, an exercise in theater to shore up voted for this year’s elections.

With Germany in turmoil over the million or so Muslim migrants that have freshly arrived, Merkel’s government needs to reassure voters that she can tough on Islam. But she isn’t. The staged photo opportunity has none of the realism of Marine le Pen’s outright refusal to wear any oppressive covering. Don’t believe it. It’s just for the cameras and the votes.

“The right to choose your own clothing is a right shared by men and women alike. It annoys me, when women are to be pushed into the Abaya,” Das Bild reported Leyen as saying.

According to reports, the woman pictured below, was arrested last week in Saudi Arabia for posting a picture of herself without a burka on social media:

Woman who got death threats for posting photo not wearing a hijab arrested in Saudi Arabia

— Muslim World Today (@MWTorg) December 14, 2016

When pictures of Leyen, minus a hijab, hit social media, some Saudis went on Twitter to blast her. NYP

This Egyptian Infantry and Air Force veteran applauds  her decision to ditch the hijab:

Salute Defence Minister #leyen who represents a free nation, Not like our shameful Minister,We here kneeling for #Saudi, Long live Germany…

— Belal E. (@irresistibleOne) December 14, 2016

“The German Defense Minister: not wearing the hijab in Saudi was deliberate. This is an insult to Saudi Arabia,” read one tweet.

“Political Correctness has been overridden”

The minister herself appears happy to be left unashamed by the regressive protocols. She credits the move to “the end of political correctness” in the wake of Donald Trump.

Leyen, decked out in a crisp dark pantsuit, said she “respects the customs and traditions of the country. [In Germany] one is free to choose his or her attire accordingly,” Sputnik reported.


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