This is NOT Fake News! Straight from the WikiLeaks team…Robert Mueller personally flew to Moscow and handed over 10 Grams of Uranium straight to the FSB (formerly KGB)!

He was apparently traveling in his official capacity as Director and was alleged to be handing over to Russian Government officials. Which do you think is the bigger issue here? That President Trump sold a mansion to a Russian man 9 years ago (which is what special counsel Mueller is investigating right now), or that the person carrying out the investigation quite literally handed nuclear material to the people he is supposed to be incriminating?

This should be one of the biggest scandals around! Yet there is no coverage in the MSM and not one person involved in the investigation is asking questions about this!

Mueller needs to step down IMMEDIATELY! He is tainted, and he has connections. How can he possibly be an impartial Counsel?

Maybe special counsel Robert Mueller needs a special investigator to investigate him.

If anyone had a real Russian connection, it would either be the Clintons or Mueller.

According to Wikileaks, Mueller flew to Moscow and gave the Russians 10 grams of highly enriched uranium.

Special Prosecutor Robert Muelller flew to Moscow and gave the FSB 10 grams of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) in 2009

H/T: Conservative Post

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