HUD Chief, Ben Carson has landed on Obama’s turf and what he found is that for all the millions of dollars spent on “Urban Renewal”…Very little has actually been achieved.

The West Calument Housing Complex residents were forced to move out of their homes due to soil contamination. The complex comprises one-third of the USS Lead Superfund site in East Chicago.

This was originally overseen by the EPA (which has had its fair share of problems). Becuase of the lead contamination, the residents were forced to leave.

All of the money and publicity that has gone into these projects and they’re not even SAFE! Fortunately, Ben Carson is not a guy to be distracted from the task by petty politics; he went to the site, investigated, and at least something is now going to be done!

Ben Carson stepped into Illinois today to recognize the fact that many citizens were forced to move from the West Calument Housing Complex because of soil contamination below the complex.

The sad part is that this is Obama’s hometown. Why did it take Ben Carson to come in and finally start doing something about it?

The West Calumet Housing Complex comprises one-third of the USS Lead Superfund site in East Chicago. Residents living at the 1,000 property complex were told to leave their homes by the EPA.

Carson went there to hear firsthand from the people in the region. Carson then didn’t spend time focusing on the blame. He spent time trying to figure out the problems at hand.

H/T: Liberty Writers

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