If the Left think that President Trump is not getting prepared for 2020…They’re wrong! He is out there doing rallies, meeting real people an drumming up support weekly. His latest was a huge hit when he attended a Jamboree with more than 40,000 Boy Scouts.

When the President took to the stage, he was met with a chant that we’re hearing more often and more proudly shouted: “USA…USA”. It’s great to see the enthusiasm for patriotism in the younger generation, it gives us hope that all is not lost to the Snowflakes on America’s college campuses.

The MSM lies that the future belongs to Liberal Leftists has been proven false. The Scouts were chanting “We love Trump!”, and what’s more, when Trump asked “By the way—just a question: ‘Did President Obama ever come to a Jamboree?’” The boys started BOOING!

There’s hope for the future yet!

President Trump stood in front 40,000 enthusiastic Boy Scouts in West Virginia, as the scouts proudly chanted “USA…USA!” President Trump started out his speech to the Boy Scouts by remarking on the size of the crowd. Trump told the Boy Scouts that he estimated the crowd at about 45,000, but joked that the media will probably say there were about 200 scouts in the crowd.

Standing on the stage with President Trump were former Scout and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. It only seemed appropriate that Trump would bring his Secretary of Energy Rick Perry to West Virginia, where candidate Trump won the hearts and votes of coal miner’s desperate for someone in Washington fight for their jobs.

Watch President Trump enter the stage at the scout jamboree as the scouts go wild:

As Trump entered the stage, the scouts went wild chanting, “We love Trump!” Trump paused for a moment and then asked the scouts, “By the way—just a question: ‘Did President Obama ever come to a Jamboree?’” The crowd responded by booing the former president. President Trump then told them, “And we’ll be back. We’l be back. The answer is ‘no’. But we’ll be back.” The crowd went wild again!

Here’s the entire video of President Trump’s speech to the Boy Scouts:

H/T: 100% Fed Up

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