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SUCKER PUNCH: Trey Gowdy Just Said The 1 Thing That James Comey Didn’t Want Him To…

In what may be the beginning of a huge problem for former FBI  Director, James Comey, Trey Gowdy has stated that he will need to see any memos or recordings in relation to communications between the Director and the President.

Comey has several times in the past made known disagreements with President Obama, and has apparently not had a problem making things immediately public. So the question remains, why would Comey have not earlier announced that Trump had allegedly asked him to back off an investigation?

This is not merely a petty piece of revenge on Comey’s part; it is but one piece of a concerted effort to undermine the Presidency and bring about a Democrat led government. And don’t be mistaken in thinking this is an American only issue. It is part of a larger globalist movement that is shoring up positions of power in governments around the world (most recently in France with Emmanuel Macron), by denigrating nationalist candidates and fabricating scandals.

With Trey Gowdy asking questions, we can rest assured that the truth will be gotten to. Gowdy has time and again shown himself a principled man and a solid prosecutor. With luck, he will get to the bottom of Comey’s involvement in burying the Clinton email scandal.

Trey Gowdy just told Fox News’ “The Story with Marth MacCallum” on Tuesday that he needed to see the alleged memo that was published by the New York Times in which Trump asked him to shut down the investigation into Michael Flynn.

“I want to see the memo [and] I want to talk to Director Comey to determine how contemporaneous his recording of the conversation was,” Gowdy told Martha MacCallum. “What did Director Comey hear? How did he take it? That can only be done … that can only be done by looking at the memo and talking to Director Comey.”

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, has now requested that the FBI give them the documents that relate to Trump and Comey as well.

“I don’t think Director Comey reported President Obama the four different times he prejudged the outcome of an investigation,” Gowdy told MacCallum. “Director Comey has not been afraid in the past to say no to presidents and attorney generals. … I think if he felt like this was an effort to influence him, he knows exactly what to do.”

Comey then explained why he didn’t want to be FBI director.

“Quite frankly, I think the country deserves a woman or a man who is devoid of political taint,” he said. “Whether I like it or not, whether I wish I could wash it off or not, I have been in politics for six years.”

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