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Students At Brigham Young University Don Hijabs To Show ‘Solidarity’ With Muslims

These BYU students must feel so “enlightened” for supporting Islam. Since they love it so much, I wonder if they’d consider moving to Iran, or Syria? Oh, I guess not….because they wouldn’t be able to drive, and would be considered property under Sharia Law. Islam is so much more ‘fun’ when you AREN’T in an Islamic country, isn’t it?

These girls are IDIOTS for showing ‘solidarity’ to people that would do NOTHING for them.

According to Express:

A GROUP of Christian university students have covered themselves with the Islamic hijab with a shock protest in support for Muslims.

The protest at the Church-owned university has seen students don the traditional Islamic garment in solidarity with Muslims in the community.

For the past three weeks, the student activists at the Mormon-owned Brigham Young University, in Utah, USA, have shocked campus with their newfound Islamic fashion.

Most students at the university are members of the Christian Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

However, these activists, most of whom are majoring in Middle Eastern studies, say they want to spread diversity and fight discrimination.

They insist the group’s effort sends a message that Muslims are not alone.

A Facebook page called On Wednesdays We Wear Hijab organises the protest and asks other students to join them by wearing a hijab every Wednesday.

The group say they will continue with their solidarity protest into the new year.

One of the protesting students, Sondra Sasser, explained: “A lot of Muslims are feeling uncomfortable about things.

“They are feeling scared about things or just misunderstood, and so any show of solidarity I think can be touching.”

She dismissed any controversy around the protest, which has raised eyebrows around campus, as people “getting excited about seeing diversity”….



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