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SCARY: Look Where ICE Just Found Illegals Working…

If you’d like to know how far our security has fallen in the USA, consider that just this week, illegal migrants were picked up working at Travis Air Force base in construction. Not only did the Base administrators fail to carry out proper security checks on the workers, but they also failed to check on the company providing the workers.

Granted, the people picked up by ICE are likely just regular guys doing a day job who happen to be illegal migrants. And whilst the fact that non-legal people are in the US working (which is a crime), the fact that proper checks were not performed is far more worrying.

Imagine if a terrorist organisation wanted to do damage to the nation’s military infrastructure. How difficult would it be to set up a construction company (they are after all well-funded) and begin taking on “workers” who get into the US through the southern border. Then all they have to do is apply for contracts and undercut any other bidder. Remember, they are not looking to make any profit, so they can easily offer the cheapest price.

These people would then have access to blueprints, machinery, even planes and missiles! How could our military et this happen???? The answer is actually quite simple. It has become so prevalent to turn a blind eye to illegal workers, that were it not for ICE investigating, this may have gone unnoticed. Sure, the guys arrested on this job are no threat to national security themselves (they are probably family men just trying to get by), but the act of allowing people through the border unchecked, undocumented, and then not enforcing the law IS A VERY REAL DANGER!

Immigration is perhaps one of the most important issues of our day, particularly the aspects of it that are related to our national security and the safety of citizens, especially those who live close to the border.

This is why President Trump has been taking action to empower and equip Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to find illegals and send them packing back home.

To illustrate just how serious this threat is to our country, ICE recently busted a group of illegals who were working construction on one of our air force bases.

The Daily Caller is reporting, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have arrested illegal aliens working construction at the Travis Air Force Base and are looking to deport them as soon as possible.

ICE quickly arrived on the scene after a military official realized that two illegals, Hugo Mejia and Rodrigo Nuñez, did not have valid social security numbers and reported the pair of construction workers at the base, The Mercury News reports.

After arresting Mejia and Nuñez, ICE has placed the men in expedited deportation proceedings, as both men have removal orders stemming from when they entered the country illegally over a decade ago.

ICE told The Mercury News that the two men “will remain in ICE custody pending court proceedings and it will be up to a judge with the Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review to determine whether they will be subject to removal from the U.S.”

The immigration attorney for the two men has submitted an asylum request, but in order for that request to go through, the men will have to prove they are likely to face severe persecution upon their return to Mexico.

How scary is it to think there were folks who crossed the border illegally, working on a military base, a job which could’ve gained them access to all sorts of information, weapons, and military personnel, should their intentions have been hostile?

A better illustration of the need for stringent enforcement of immigration law couldn’t have been dreamed up. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

H/T: Allen B West



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