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Scaramucci: ‘I’m Going to Fire Everybody!’

President Trump’s new White House Director of Communications, Anthony Scaramucci, is already setting out his  stall on what is and isn’t going to be allowed to happen. The main takeaway is that “The Leaks Sop Now!” Scaramucci has made it very clear that if any of the team leaks, then they’ll all be fired on the spot.

And this is the right approach.

Holdovers from the Obama administration have been routinely leaking sensitive information (and in some cases doctored information) in an attempt to impose their own political beliefs over the American people.  It is immoral, unconstitutional, and just plain wrong. 

They are lucky that Scaramucci is even giving them this chance after their past performance. It’s time that those that serve the people begin to actually do their jobs and carry out the will of the people. If they want to implement their own ideas, the they should stand for election and see who votes for them.


Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said he would fire his entire staff if leaks to the press from communications staffers continue.

Scaramucci said, “[U]nfortunately, he may have had a conversation in the Oval Office or somewhere about it, and then people rush out to leak that information to people. It’s very unprofessional and harmful.”

He added, “They will get fired. Tomorrow I’ll have a staff meeting, and it will be very — I’m not going to make any prejudgments about anybody on that staff, if stay, they’re going to stop leaking. If the leaks continue, we are strong is our weakest link and I’ll say it differently in a pun where a strong as our weakest leak. If you guys want to keep leaking, get together and make a decision as a team that you’re going to stop leaking. If you’re going to keep leaking, I’m going to fire everybody.”

H/T: Breitbart



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