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SURPRISE! Seconds Ago Trump Sent North Korea Something They Won’t Like…

In response to North Korea’s never-ending run of boasts about how it has nuclear weapons that it is prepared to use against the United States, President Trump has ordered US aircraft carriers to go to the Korean Peninsula in the Western Pacific Ocean to act as guards and watchdogs.

To date, North Korea’s “Dear Leader” has always had the support of China, meaning that no nations dare interfere in the inner workings of the world’s most closed-off country. Can it be a coincidence that President Trump ahs ordered the Ships in directly after a Mar-a-lago meeting with Chinese Premiere Xi Jinping?

The two leaders met last week and from almost all media reports (both US and Chinese) the meeting was a success. Trump had stated beforehand that they would be discussing the North Korean issue, so it is unlikely that China is surprised by Trump’s actions.

What is most interesting about this situation is that no one in the MSM is breaking ranks on this story. It is after all arguably one of the biggest stories of the decade, yet the usually opinionated MSM are sticking to straight factual reporting. Do they not know what to think? Why no opinion on this? Or have they just not received their orders from the Democrat paymasters yet?


A U.S. aircraft carrier strike group is now heading toward the Western Pacific Ocean to be stationed near the Korean Peninsula – according to CNN.

The strike group is being commanded by Adm. Harry Harris and the USS Carl Vinson sailed north to the Western Pacific from Singapore, according to Pacific Command.



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