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Rosie O’Donnell Just Sided With North Korea With What She Told Kim Jung Un To Do To Trump

Rosie O’Donnell has again made a fool of herself in the public sphere by sending out a Tweet ostensibly aimed at North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. She says not to listen to Trump, because no one else does.

There are so many things wrong with this:

  1. If the NK leader took her seriously (which of course he won’t), what would the result of that be? It’s not as though we were best friends with NK before Trump took office. Is she inviting an attack on American soil?
  2. In what Universe does O’Donnell believe she speaks for absolutely anyone but herself? As far as I know, she is an actress, who has acted in something at some point. She is not an Ambassador, and she is not an elected representative. You DO NOT SPEAK FOR US YOU ARROGANT IDIOT!
  3. It’s not actually true…in any way whatsoever. Lots of people listen to Donald Trump, in fact, the MSM waits with trepidation for him to utter his next word, or Tweet his next message. And the people of the country listen to him (they may not all agree with him, but they listen).
  4. You have no authority in this area. Have you studied the situation between NK and the US, O’Donnell? Are you aware of some back-channels that the government isn’t?

Surprisingly, I have nothing against O’Donnell personally, I just wish she wouldn’t embarrass herself (and the people of this country) with ill-thought out statements like this.


H/T: US Herald



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