Right After MSNBC Reporter Interrupted Rex Tillerson, WATCH All Hell Break Loose

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Andrea Mitchell has just been busted by not only Rex Tillerson, but also the Russian Foreign Minister. Mitchell first came to notoriety when she was caught out taking prepared questions from the Clinton campaign; and her career trajectory just keeps flailing.

During a phot-op and press conference, she began shouting questions rudely at Rex Tillerson. The Foreign Minister began berating her and giving her a solid lesson in good manners. When he’d finished, he turned to Tillerson and said “You can shout now”.

When did the media come to the conclusion that their bias and Dake News was the most important thing in the world? When important visitors from other nations have to scold reporters, what impression do they take away with them. She does not only this country a disservice, but also the image of the media in the US. Media trust and respect is at an all time low. People like Mitchell are doing nothing to improve matters.


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is in Moscow today to ease rising tensions with Russia. Before a photo-op with the Russian Foreign Minister and Tillerson, Hack MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell started screaming questions at Tillerson. The Russian Foreign Minister proceeded to scolded her in front of everyone, giving her a lesson in manners, before beginning his prepared remarks.

After he finished his statement, he looked at Mitchell and said “You Can Shout Now,” and Tillerson and the whole room laughed at her. Someone FINALLY put this disrespectful woman in her place. SHARE this on Facebook so we can make it go viral!

This isn’t the first time she has disrespected Tillerson while he meets with foreign leaders. Just a few weeks ago she had to be PHYSICALLY REMOVED from a photo-op after screaming questions at Tillerson. She is not a reporter. She is a liberal HACK! (WATCH THAT VIDEO BELOW)

I don’t know how this Liberal HACK still has a job. Mitchell is the “reporter” who was seen getting questions fed to her by Hillary Clinton staffers during the campaign.WATCH: