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Right After Kathy Griffin Press Conference, Mike Huckabee Got The PERFECT Revenge

Kathy Griffin, rather than making a full and frank apology for her appalling ISIS-inspired video of her holding a “severed Trump head”, decided to go all out and blame the patriarchy for ruining her career. She blamed “old white men” for her problems (whilst ignoring the fact that she only has a career due to old white men allowing her on their networks).

Mike Huckabee has shot straight back at her saying that it was “one old white woman” who ruined her career…Herself! And this is very true. It was she who decided on the material, it was she who decided on the message, and it was she who decided to double-down and accuse the Trump family of bullying her after her shocking actions.

BUT, there are many who suspect that the reason that Kathy Griffin is being ostracized from the Left, is much more sinister. If the Left can show themselves to be condemning violence right now: when their “planned riots” take place in July (which they will) and descend into violence (which they will), they will be able to claim that they DO NOT promote violence (which of course they do).

The riots will be worse than what we have seen at Berkeley and the injuries will be far more serious. This is the MSM covering its A**.

You can’t go two seconds now without hearing about Kathy Griffin and her horrible video now. Now Mike Huckabee has joined in and sent her a message she NEEDS to hear.

So maybe you remember how Griffin said during her press conference that Donald Trump and old white guys ruined her career? Yeah, crazy, I know. Well, Huckabee had this message for her:

It wasn’t old white men who ruined your career, it was YOU!

Note to Kathy Griffin: it wasn’t “old white men” that ruined your career. It was ONE OLD WHITE WOMAN. Look in the mirror to see who she is.

I’d say Huckabee hit the nail on the head, there. How is it that this “comedian” thinks that ANYONE else is to blame after she made an ISIS video with the head of a US President?

She needs to look in a mirror and see who the real monster is. She won’t like the answer.

Oh, and trust me, Kathy Griffin DOES have a mirror. Just check out her ridiculous anti-Trump commercial all about them.

I bet that’s a video she regrets now. Haha. Good ridden to bad rubbish. Now she is not a D-list comedian anymore, she is just a psycho.

If you think that Mike Huckabee was right about Kathy “bloody head” Griffin, share this out and let’s show her what happens with you mess with the United States.

H/T: Liberty Writers



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