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REVEALED: Obama Ordered The FBI To Do Something UNFATHOMABLE On Election Night

On the eve of the election, President Barack Obama ordered the FBI to “monitor the internet” for Fake News. Obviously, his administration was mired in stories about press freedoms and mass surveillance, but is this perhaps a step too far even for him?

For a moment, let’s ignore the Constitutionality of this, and look at the moral aspect. He asked State employees to become the arbiters of what is and what is not reality. Did he give them a checklist of what is fake and what’s real? Or did he ask them to compile a list of “fake news” for a more nefarious purpose?

It is possible that (if true) this was the fallback position in case of loss. They could gather the stories that came out and use them to attack the legitimacy of President Trump…But they’d need to have a villain to blame, perhaps a country? Maybe Russia?

The State should never be the watchdogs of what is true or not. Countries that tell the citizens what is real and what is not, that control the media to such extent are known as Dictatorships. And this is not acceptable in the USA!


Barack Obama was a terrible President marred with scandals from the very beginning. It is well known his love for spying on his own citizens and foreign leaders, but apparently, his level of corruption on Election Day of 2016 was something beyond what we could have imagined.

An FBI Source involved in the horrifying Election Day crackdown revealed to CNN that…

Obama ordered the FBI to monitor the internet for “Fake News” on Election Day 2016!

The FBI source said,

“We were right on the edge of Constitutional legality. We were monitoring news.”

The primary source, along with others, described a large operation of dozens of FBI agents monitoring social media throughout the day and sending their findings DIRECTLY to the White House.

This is not a normal request for a President. In fact, the idea that Obama had the authority to determine what news was real and what news was fake is pretty sickening.

The amazing thing is you won’t hear the leftists even lifting a finger to complain about this overreach. In fact, they will praise Obama for violating the Constitution.

Do you think Trump actually won because of Russian fake news or do you think he won because We the People voted for him? The answer is clear, so share this out so everyone can see.

H/T: Liberty Writers



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